Jackson traveled throughout the country discussing business strategies, and sharing stories about entrepreneurship and building a successful food manufacturing business. Some of these presentations include the following partial listing.

Sept 19 IFANCA 21st International Halal Food Conference Moderator
Nov 9 Research & Development Associates for Military Food & Packaging Fall Conference –
Industry Innovations Speaker: Kosher and Halal Military (MREs) and Commercial Meals created by MOM.
Apr 12 I Heart Halal Industry Conference Speaker at 15th Annual Halal Food Conference
Apr 13 20th Annual International Halal Food Conference Speaker
Apr 19 19th Annual International Halal Food Conference Speaker
Apr 15 17th Annual International Halal Food Conference Speaker
May 13 AKPsi Business Fraternity, DePaul University, Chicago evening speaker on Entrepreneurship, starting a New Business, working in Business World
Apr 8 15th Annual International Halal Food Conference Speaker – The Way Forward
Apr 19 11th Annual International Halal Food Conference Speaker – World of Halal Products
Apr 23 9th Annual International Halal Food Conference Speaker – The Real World of Halal
Feb 15 DePaul University Depart of Marketing on 20-Year Journey of Entrepreneurship
Spring Optimists Club to present Creating a Business
Nov 14 Jewish Welfare Board, Ft. Dix & McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey Chaplains Conference
Apr 8 Northwestern University Entrepreneurship Class in Engineering School on Trademarks
July 11 International Halal Conference on Guerilla Marketing the Palmer House Hilton, Chicago
April 27 Research & Development Associates Speaker Awards Dinner Speaker
April 25 Northwestern University Entrepreneurship on Creating a Successful Business from Scratch
May Research & Development Associates Military Dinner Speaker, Memorial Day remembrance
Oct 30 Research & Development Associates Military Dinner Speech on cave men in wake of 9/11 attack
Apr 17 Entrepreneurship High School Class, IL on creating business plans
July 19 Jewish United Fund Professional Staff Development Program Speaker on How We Developed the New Kosher Product Category
June 10-14 Keynote Speaker Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting, Dallas TX
June Research & Development Associates Annual Meeting, On Military Acquisition Reform Regulations, Tucson, AZ
Apr 20 R&DA Annual Meeting – R&DA Exchange Forum & Y2K, Galveston, TX
Nov 31 Northwestern University, Undergraduate Entrepreneur Class, Guest Lecturer, Evanston, IL
Mar 6 Northwestern University, Graduate Entrepreneur Class Guest lecturer, Evanston, IL
Sep 24 Middle School Training Deerfield, IL class on Invention Process
Mar 20 Food Products Club Luncheon speaker, Chicago, IL
Nov 19 Private Label Manufacturers Association, Quality Assurance Associates Chicago
Dec 5 Harvard Business Club, Chicago
Feb 3 Northwestern Univ Entrepreneurship Class, Guest Lecturer, Evanston, IL
Feb Jewish Chaplain’s Conference, Ft. Belvoir, VA
Feb 8 Annual Conference of Jewish Military Chaplains
Feb 2 PUBLIC VOICE FOR FOOD POLICY Conference, Washington, DC. Speaker on Children’s food health issues.
Nov 2-3 INC Conference Speaker, San Francisco, sponsored by John Hancock. How we changed strategies successfully when we changed to kosher market segment. Identifying a niche market.
Jan 13 Institute of Food Technologists Dinner speaker, R&D efforts to create healthy foods.
Mar 17 Northwestern University MBA, engineering students Guest Lecturer about creating business, Evanston, IL
July 23 Consumer Kid’s Luncheon Speaker
Sept 17 Women’s Business Development Center Forum Panel, Chicago, IL on business issues facing entrepreneurs
Nov 18 Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI, class, luncheon & evening speaker
Dec 3 Sales & Marketing Executives of Chicago Entrepreneur Conference Speaker
Feb 18 KinderCare Managers, Chicago area, related to children’s meals
May 2 Northwestern University MBA, engineering students about creating business, Evanston, IL
Jan 24 National Association of Women Business Owner’s Dinner Speaker, creating the business and financing
Mar 22 Northwestern University MBA, engineering students Guest Lecturer about creating business, Evanston, IL
Apr 16 Chicago Nutrition Association, Institute of Food Technologies, Symposium on Children’s Healthy Foods Speaker
Apr 18 Chicago Real Estate Women Executives Luncheon Speaker, “War Stories” about creating our business
Apr 25 Economic Development Council – one hour
May 4 Entrepreneurship Forum Luncheon Speaker, Columbus, OH
Jun 7-9 INC 500 Conference Roundtable, Milwaukee, WI
Oct 5 U of Chicago Executive Program, Marketing Class on Innovative Marketing Strategies Luncheon Speaker
Oct 17 Women in Management, Lake County Chapter Luncheon Speaker on “Entrepreneurship”
Jan 20 Executive Exchange Women’s Group, Olympia Fields, IL
Jan 23 U of Chicago, “Mind Your Own Business”
Jan 26 International Microwave Products Technical Conference Luncheon Speaker
Feb 16 Merchandiser’s Executives Club Dinner Speech, Chicago
Feb 24 Executive Assets – Fired Executives Starting Own Business, Chicago
Mar 24 Harper College class on Entrepreneurship
Mar 30 Northwestern Univ MBA & Engineering students on New Products Planning, Evanston, IL
Apr 3 Banking Conference, Chicago on Successful New Products
Apr 11 Loyola University Grads “So You Want to be an Entrepreneur”
May 11 Keynote Speaker for Entrepreneur Week, Denver Chamber of Commerce
Jul 10 Chicago Roundtable Entrepreneurs
Sep 15 Entrepreneur Institute panel speaker
Sep 25 Women in Management Luncheon Speaker, Matteson, IL
Oct 24 Women’s Entrepreneurship Institute, Dinner speaker, Milwaukee, WI
Nov 1 Gorman’s International New Products Conference, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Dec 5 Media Moms Speech to women in Media Industry, Chicago, IL
Dec International Microwave Products Convention