Every delicious meal from MOM™ is packaged in our new, modern, stand-up 10 oz (283g) plastic pouches with colorful consumer graphics and a photo of each product on the front. Please note that photos do not all reflect our new packaging yet as we update our websites.

Kosher Certification

Organization of Orthodox Kashruth Supervision, Est. 1957

Suggested Markets

Institutions, Military, Emergency, International, Retail, Internet Sales, Vending, Food Service

Production & Best By Coding

Production code is an 4-digit code shown as 1 2 3 4, where:
Position 1 = Year: for example:  4 = 2024, 5 = 2025, 6 = 2026
Positions 2 3 4 represent the Julian Date of the year: for example, 046 represents the 46th day of the year, or February 15th
Best by date shows the Month and Year of manufacture: MM/YYYY
Best by date is two and a half years from production date

  • Photo above is not representative of the new pouches
  • Microwaveable Stand-Up Pouch 10 oz (283gm)
  • Pouches have a gusseted bottom to stand up
  • Convenient & delicious individual serving portions
  • Meals are fully-cooked and ready-to-eat as-is
  • No refrigeration needed to store
  • Can be warmed in a microwave or hot water for more flavor
  • Two and a half year shelf life from date of manufacture
  • Perfect everywhere and anytime
  • Every package has a “Best By Date” printed on it

See also Shipping Weights and Dimensions.