Military customers are challenging and distinctive business customers that require extraordinary care and attentiveness. Confidentiality is a substantial requirement for every sale. My Own Meals, Inc. proudly served two decades as a defense contractor beginning in the early 1990’s and values our role we served within this market niche.

MRE Meals (Meals Ready to Eat) & Meal Kits

The product that is often in demand by the Military, Governments, and Non-Governmental Relief Organizations remains the MRE. Each My Own Meal® MRE meal delivers the nutritional value required for active in-field use in a delicious format.

We do our job well by offering highly nutritious and delicious MRE meals, so that those men and women protecting our freedoms or our safety have the energy to perform well.

Each My Own Meal® kosher certified MRE and standard Meal Kit case has twelve (12) My Own Meal® brand meal pouches along with an accessory pack called a My Kind of Meal®, which is a bag full of brand name accompaniments. Each My Kind of Meal® bag contains nutritious and tasty snacks, cereal, crackers, fruit, served with caffeinated coffee and cocoa.

A full description of each MRE menu and our capability to surge on demand can be found on our MRE Product page.

My Own Meal® Shelf Stable Kosher Meals in Trays and Pouches for Government Needs

Institutions, field kitchens, food service contractors, or canteens on submarines and ships that are equipped for fresh meal preparation may require the use of only the My Own Meal® kosher meals in either the pouches or trays. My Own Meals responds and delivers directly from our inventories with care, consideration and fast turnaround. A full description of each of the ten (10) My Own Meal® varieties can be found on the Meal Descriptions and Ingredients page.

Easy to Order

Federal and State Government personnel and US Military personnel can order any of our meals through our GSA contract, Contract # GS-07F-0544W and other Federal and State procurement sites. They may also be ordered through separate contracts or via Government Credit Card, depending upon the requirement and situation at hand. Food Service contractors can order directly from us. See the Order Form page.