Each 227g foil food pouch is packaged in a cardboard box with consumer graphics and a photo of the product on the box

Kosher Certification

OOKSOrganization of Orthodox Kashruth Supervision, Est. 1957

Suggested Markets

Camping, Travel, Military, Emergency, Survival

Production & Best By Coding

Production code is an 8-digit code shown as 1 2 S L 5 6 7 8, where:
Position 1 = Month: A=January and L=December
Position 2 = Year: for example: 9=2019, 0=2020, 5=2025
Positions S L 5 6 7 8 are internal codes
Best by date shows the Month and Year of manufacture: MM/YYYY.
Best by date is six (6) years from production date.

  • Foil 8 oz Food Pouches (227 gm)
  • Flat, easy to pack
  • Meals are fully-cooked and ready-to-eat as-is
  • No refrigeration needed to store
  • Place in hot water container to warm for more flavor
  • Six (6) year shelf life from date of manufacture
  • Perfect for campers and travel
  • Every package has a “Best By Date” printed on it.

See also Shipping Weights and Dimensions.