My Own Meals and its products became part of University case studies in textbooks and were also included in books on entrepreneurship, as shown in this partial list.

2021 BSCS Science Learning — – Includes a photo of US Military personnel enjoying MOM MRE meals.
2010 Creating a Successful Marketing Strategy for Your Small New Business by Stanley F. Stasch, Praeger 1st Edition.
2004 Halal Food Production, by Mian Riaz and Muhammad Chaudry, CRC Press, page 133
1997 Halal Industrial Production Standards, by MM Chaudry, MM Hussaini, MA Jackson, MN Riaz, Copyright and Publisher My Own Meals, Inc.
1994 Entrepreneurs Are Made, Not Born, By Lloyd Shefsky, McGraw Hill, Inc.
1994 MARKETING, Fourth Edition, Richard D. Irwin, Inc., My Own Meals Video Case Study A pages 168 to 169 and Video Case Study B page 403
1994 Video by Richard Irwin (Produced by Paul Fagan) for use with textbook about pricing strategies for product success
1992 Home Business Big Business by Mel Cook, Collier Books, pages 19-20, 27
1992 Megatrends for Women, by Patricia Aburdene and John Naisbitt, Villard Books
1990 Understanding Business, 2nd Edition, by Nickels, McHugh, Richard Irwin, Inc.. page 138
1990 Contemporary Business, 6th Edition, by Louis E. Boone, David L. Kurtz,
Dreyden Press, Chapter 13, Marketing Strategy,
Startup story, Marketing Research, Market Segmentation

Video by Richard Irwin (Produced by Paul Fagan) on discussion of entrepreneurs