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Kosher Travel Meals

Eating nutritious meals on a road trip or fretting about the availability of kosher food at that exotic vacation destination could wreak havoc on travel plans. Bringing some My Own Meal® kosher travel meals might just help save your trip.

Our light, flexible foil food pouches can easily be tossed into a suitcase. They lay flat and take up a minimal amount of precious space. Or you can take along My Own Meal® kosher travel meals in trays, which have the added convenience of being packaged in their own dishes. Either way, we believe you will have peace of mind by bringing some along, especially when the cruise ship can’t make it to port or your flight is diverted and has an unexpected layover. As if that ever happens!

Please remember to pack MOM’s kosher meals into your checked baggage to enjoy wherever you are destined. MOM’s kosher meals in either pouches or trays will not be permitted through TSA security clearance.