MOM’s Kosher Prepared Meals for Institutional Needs

Institutions with a both a consistent level of Jewish clientele and with a fluctuating population will find My Own Meal® glatt kosher meals in 10 oz (283g) stand-up pouches to be a perfect solution to meet religious dietary needs.

Fast Delivery Turnaround

My Own Meals focuses on processing an order and shipping it either the same or next shipping day. We ship Monday through Thursday via UPS (United Parcel Services) or by a commercial trucking service for larger pallet orders. Within a few days, our kosher meals arrive and are ready to use.

Quick and Convenient Kosher Meals

Just Heat and Serve.

My Own Meal® kosher prepared meals are packaged in convenient plastic pouches that can be warmed and heated in the microwave oven for about a minute by venting the corner. For double wrapping rule requirements, put the pouch in a plastic or zip-lock plastic bag on a paper plate in the microwave. Even though steam will escape, the double wrapping rule should be maintained.

In a pinch, enjoy them without warming or heating, although meals always taste more home-made when heated.

To heat large quantities at the same time, some institutions use vertical steam tray units, or place them into hot water. Contact our management team with questions about how best to heat them within your particular setting to maintain kosher status.

In case of an emergency situation within the institution, MOM’s shelf stable meals are fully cooked and can be consumed at room temperature, although meals always taste better hot. We taste test every batch of our meals at room temperature before shipping them to ensure that they taste delicious, even when consumed unheated.

Ambient Temperature Storage

Storage is simple and convenient. Just keep them in dry storage at ambient temperatures. MOM’s kosher prepared meals do not take up valuable and very limited refrigerator or freezer space. In fact, they should never be stored in a freezer, under cold refrigeration or at temperatures over 80°F (26°C). This could damage the packaging or the quality of the kosher meal itself. We developed our recipes with shelf stable storage in mind.

The following photo does not represent the new 10 oz stand-up pouch packaging but shows the family of meals. This photo will be updated soon.

Variety of Kosher Prepared Meals for Menu Planning

We offer nine tasty kosher My Own Meal® varieties available in 10 oz plastic pouches.

    • Three are vegetarian meals, and are dual certified both kosher and halal to help keep SKUs down while satisfying additional dietary needs.
    • Six of our recipes are glatt kosher meat meals.
    • Five meal variety ingredients are gluten free and celiac friendly.

See our Meal Descriptions for more information.

Resources Available for Menu Planning of Kosher Meals

The My Own Meals management can assist in menu planning ideas and alternatives. For additional information, see the following article from: Food Technology magazine, Institute of Food Technologists, July 2000, Volume 54, No.7, Getting Religion – For Your Products That Is, by Mary Anne Jackson.

Technical Services and Support

Our knowledgeable technical team can assist with menu planning and preparation services. We can help you implement practical solutions to your specific dietary requirements and operational environment.

For more information about preparing meals in an institution, see Preparation Alternatives for Institutions.

Also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about the double-wrapping rule, How can we double wrap meat meals to cook them in a non-rabbi-supervised microwave?